Event Name: Engine Maintenance Course
Squadron: Richmond Sail & Power Squadron
Location: ZOOM
Start Date & Time: 2024-01-18 19:00:00
End Date & Time: 2024-03-21 21:00:00
Event Description: Jim Juritsch will cover gasoline outboards and inboards as well as the standard inboard diesel engine. No mechanical experience required! Most boaters have to be Jacks or Jills of all trades that include electrical, electronic, plumbing, mechanics and, of course, engines. If we did not, we would be paying a lot of yard bills and wasting a lot of time on the water. Learn about engine functions so you can better understand how various marine engines work, perform troubleshooting yourself, and how to ‘speak the language’ when communicating with a marine mechanic. Jim will take you through basic engine operations, talk about engine problems and discuss how to diagnose those engine issues. Drive trains, steering systems and engine controls are also on the schedule, This is scheduled on Thursday nights over a ten-week span.
EXCOM Member Point of Contact: Jim Juritsch, P-IN
Event Documents: