Event Name: Emergency Marine Communications
Squadron: Annapolis Sail & Power Squadron
Location: - - ASPS Online via Zoom - -

Start Date & Time: 2024-02-29 18:45:00
End Date & Time: 2024-02-29 21:15:00
Event Description: Many boat owners/operators have little knowledge on how to use their VHF marine radio or understand its capabilities. Especially during emergencies. This seminar is composed to be informative and useful to both the primary and secondary boating participants. It addresses subjects that all boating individuals should know, from those with little or no VHF marine radio experience, to those with extensive knowledge. All fixed VHF marine radios sold since 1999 have been required to have DSC (Digital Selective Calling) capabilities. Less than 25% of today’s recreational boaters have their radios properly programmed or have the knowledge to initiate or receive DSC distress, urgency, safety, and routine radiotelephone calls to or from other vessels or shore stations. Even less are experienced or aware with the many other useful capabilities of properly programmed DSC marine radios.
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